Recommended Hosting Options

Here’s a list of the Recommended Hosting Options and why.

Recommended Hosting Plans, ideal for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, Custom PHP apps, MySQL, Apache and other applications.

All these companies are highly recommended in the industry. Whether you need one or a hundred websites, PHP or Python, MySQL or Static, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Virtual Servers or Real Dedicated Servers, these companies got your back. They all offer slightly different products and one of them is sure to be a perfect fit for your needs. If you have trouble deciding, please contact me for advice; I’ll be happy to help clear any questions or concerns you may have.


Try Rackspace Cloud Hosting Today!

Rackspace provides one of the best Virtual Servers service out there. The servers available range in the type of operating system and resource allocation. You can Choose from these Linux distributions: Fedora, Arch, CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu. MS Windows available as well: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server Standard Edition 2008 R2. Ideal for custom applications and websites in need of high performance cloud based servers. They also have Dedicated Servers. Prices start around $10.00 Dollars per month. I usually recommend the base server with 1GB of RAM for most standard Web applications especially for a WordPress.

Try Rackspace Cloud Hosting Today!

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Try DreamHost Cloud Hosting!

Dreamhost gives you unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth.. Unlimited just means that the amount of storage and bandwidth is very very very high, it can’t possibly be unlimited, but a lot of hosts sell their plans as unlimited. Their performance and uptime is comparable to other top tier hosts and their support is reasonable and helpful. They also have great forums where lots of help is provided for free by the community.

Try DreamHost Cloud Hosting!

Use Code: “SIXTIES” at checkout for $30 off your yearly or $60 off your 2 year plan.


SIGN UP for BlueHost Professional Hosting.

Another Top notch host. They offer all standard options and also offer unlimited storage, databases, domains and bandwidth. They offer one-click installs and an industry Standard Control panel to manage your account.

Try BlueHost Professional Hosting Today!


Sign Up for LiquidWeb Hosting and Heroic Support


LiquidWeb is one of my all time favorites and they claim that they provide a level of support that goes beyond VIP, better than the best. They call it, Heroic Support. Truly, they live up to their claim. I’ve had to work with them in a few issues and their level of knowledge and dedication to resolving the problem were unparalleled. They are available 24×7 to help you with any issue. They also have a great Virtual Dedicated Servers offering called Storm on Demand.


Sign Up for JustHost Professional Web Hosting.

JustHost is a standard host that provides better than average support and services. I highly recommend this when you need simple straighforward hosting at a simple flat rate. Prices Start at $4.95/month, but I’ve seen prices as low as $2.95

Sign Up for JustHost Professional Web Hosting


Sign Up for Professional Web Hosting with Hostgator.

Hostgator is highly regarded by a group of loyal customers, and it is for good reason. I have had to work with HostGator many times in the past and several of my clients use it. No complaints and the performance is really good.

Sign Up for Professional Web Hosting with Hostgator

Even though these are affiliate links, I personally recommend them, I have used each one of them in many projects; each one has its strengths, pros and cons. I also use them as sponsors for my Free WordPress Service.