Klout Survey. Does it Matter?

(I originally posted this at my blog, but the host there is having issues), so here it is:

With all the fuzz about Klout, I wonder how you feel. I could ask you to give me your two cents in the comments, and please do. But I also ask that you take a quick few seconds to answer this quick Survey. Thank you:

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  • I like to give k’s as a nice thing to do, the number is pretty, but I don’t worry over it especially while in beta..

    • Do you think when it comes out of beta, you’ll change how you interact with it? What would you do differently if it were in full release mode @facebook-773719449:disqus ?

  • Eleisia Whitney

    I signed up a few days ago and haven’t actively used Klout. I’ve given k’s to EA members.

    • Thank you @190054947bfff55f5af6e884e2665d94:disqus , what was the reason you signed up for Klout? 

  • Tedora

    A lot of questions 🙂

    • Definitely @10d0b25defce69070d04373521fe95c8:disqus , necessary to get a good feel. 

  • John Philpin

    Klout is nascient – like peer index and others – including curiously (to some) Empire Avenue – I am writing a piece on this at the moment that attempts to describe that these kinds of spaces are in fact the future. I will be sure to share when it is done — it *is* the wave of the future – but there is a LOT of sorting to do first – a LOT – and I also think that the real POWER will come when it measures OFF line / real world kudos aswell. It will come – right now though – on the whole – truly – who cares 🙂

    • Definitely a new landscape @6529d56c8965dbae43e0bc3e40c7d4f7:disqus , I look forward to reading your post. I agree with you in most accounts, but I’m skeptical based on the current execution of things. I also wrote this

      • Facebook

        thanks for the jog – must finish it 🙂

  • DES Daughter

    FYI, I use Klout to engage, make new connections, as a complement to Analytics for some data, possibly to spread #DES awareness, certainly NOT to measure supposed influence… and yes as a “tip tool” to invest in very fresh EAv tickers who do not have EAv scores yet lol cheers Oscar 🙂

    • Thank you Des. What do you mean by use “Klout to engage” what are some practical examples of this?
      And thank you for stopping by. Greatly appreciated!

      • DES Daughter

        Via +K for example… I have received some +K from people I had never heard of and who probably found me/us via Klout… so it’s an opportunity to meet people involved in social media and to see many of their connections/networks etc…

  • Dana J Lange

    I like Klout even though I’m not sure it provides an accurate picture. 

  • I have to wonder if Klout knows what they are doing given the score shake up and then odd jumps of 6 points for hmmmm, I don’t know what. I never took the scores seriously, but apparently brands do (eyeroll) and that is a concern if you’re looking for advertising. 

    • I think they know what they want to do and they know how to do some of it, the rest is a learning process. I think it’s one of many factors when evaluating social media interactions. Thanks for participating @maryhaight:disqus 

  • Done! Great survey… look forward to hearing more about the results!

  • Yes, Klout matters : )

    For reasons I think most people miss:

    I think it is oging mainstream fast.

    • Thank you @markwilliamschaefer:disqus I agree with you in a lot of things. So far the results are more on the “maybe/not” side, but like you said I think most people are missing the point.

  • “You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb.” – Andrew Carnegie

    • And that’s a wise saying @twitter-17520649:disqus 

  • Peter Radzio

    I only use Klout because other people I interact with on Empire Avenue use it. It has zero effect on anything else I do.

    • That’s cool, different point of view, how about kred or peerindex? do you use any of those?

  • Hopefully you share results! Thank You for the survey.

    • Of Course! @twitter-189474615:disqus The results for the Klout survey will be shared soon. Going to wrap it up later this week and results should be posted early next week. 

  • Klout does matter as it is a good gauge to see how much reach a person has which is important in social media and promotions.

    • Thank you @twitter-24004966:disqus , that’s a good point about Klout measuring “reach” vs “influence”

  • Fervil Von Tripoli

    Awesome Survey. 🙂

  • For me Klout score is a result, not a goal. I do believe that it can play a role in the way people/business make choices – for instance in recruiting processes. For now (in my mind) that would be for specific roles, mostly ‘social media / new media’ related. For hiring a controller I don’t think a lot of people would mind his/her Klout score… 😉

    • I agree, @twitter-102165317:disqus but what if the controller was being hired for a company like Hootsuite? or Hubspot? Would it matter then?

      • Interesting question Oscar – and actually I don’t think so… It would be nice if that person would get what that kind of business is all about, but that’s entirely different from having a “higher than average” (?) Klout score yourself. That asks for focussed social activity that does not necessarily contribute to the quality of work that someone in a position like that does.

  • For me it’s not about promotion for me as I own & run my own business. For me it’s about promoting Montessori education. Look here: or here:

    • Okay… I think I missed the connection to the survey on the videos, but thanks for commenting.

  • Waiting for results!

  • Great survey, hope you share total results

  • Jackie BIgford

    Interesting survey ..looking forward to the end result

    • Jackie! thank you, results should be shared next week. Early responses were a little slow so I wanted to get more responses. Looks like Friday will be a good day to close this and post results on Monday.

  • Joanne Greco

    Interesting survey Oscar. I participated and look forward to seeing the results. 

    • Thank you so much @google-79ccbf359d9ecdd10c8294217ebb7db7:disqus !

  • Looking forward to the results! Seems to be a lot of mixed opinions of Klout lately.

  • Good survey!  Loved the format as well!  I’ll have to give it a try on Google Docs sometime soon.

  • I can understand how Klout wants to monetize/incentivize the service through Perks, but so far their Perks seem to be mostly irrelevant to the people they’re measuring. 

  • That was fun. Nice to take a look at my answers and evaluate where I spend my time.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Oscar. I find Klout flawed, but interesting. Obviously it is a much bigger deal if you are working in social media. I just fiddle around with lots of different platforms, not monetising any. Happy to give Klout, but not so fussed about other peoples interactions on Klout. I find their cogs and systems or whatever you clever people call it, a bit dodgy and very easily gamed. I hate that they hold up the giving of Klout to go to another window to prompt you to post a spam tweet or Facebook update. Those kinds of updates are the bane of my timeline. I hate them. Thanks for doing this and have a great day. 

  • All Set Oscar…Was actually thinking about a survey as well.  You put this together well.

  • Can’t wait to see the results.  I only care about my Klout score because of my industry.  After Kloutopolis, I lost a lot of respect for Klout.  It seems that the more I tweet, the lower my score goes.  The perks are never open, either.  I’m mad at myself for caring.

  • Thank you everyone so far for answering this, I will be closing the survey tonight and working on the results over the weekend to be posted on Monday or Tuesday. If you know anyone else that should take the survey, please send them this way. There’s about 12 hours left before I close it. 

    Thanks a lot!

  • Klout has become so polarizing. The privacy issue bothers me, but that is true for all social media at the moment. Is it fair, no. But that is how most things operate and you accept that when you use these products. Even if you opt not to use Klout there are other apps that have access to that data, it just isn’t tied so explicitly to your identity.

  •  Taking survey now =) interesting indeed

  • Did you ever share the results from this? Or did I just miss it.